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Thank you for considering foreign exchange students in your school.

It is difficult to condense the wealth of benefits that international exchange students bring to our schools in a few lines and how much benefit they have by such a total immersion in the UK schools system.

Historically, exchange students were accepted by way of School Integration Exchange in large groups for a few weeks of a year and followed a vacation – style timetable during their stay. With the onset of an increasing global economy, the ability to conduct oneself in English and demonstrate high calibre language skills has become paramount. The desire to attend schools in the UK and become an integral part of the much respected UK Educational system has therefore risen and is continuing to do so, assisted by the portable funding available. All EU students receive the same method of government support as the UK students.

Many of the exchange students in a total immersion programme emphasise that they have chosen to study  in the UK in order to learn and perfect English to prepare themselves for careers and life in the UK. This is often with a view to applying to a UK University through UCAS post A level. Exchange students continue to demonstrate a determination and understanding of the competitive nature of UK university places, the decision to take their studies abroad is a real test of character and one not taken lightly. They want to be successful and gain excellent results, this is a huge bonus and impetus for any UK school or college. The addition of an international student who has chosen to study alongside our home students and the competitive element that provides benefits all concerned.

Reservations from schools considering accepting exchange students as part of our English total imersion can be swiftly laid to rest. The overall planning and organisation is thorough and meticulous and takes place with the support of the UK Head office and the student’s local agents abroad. In addition, a fully comprehensive student profile is issued to the school on acceptance , which gives a more personal feel to the process. The experience is clear and made easier with the aid of a local Area coordinator who can liaise between the school, student and Host family. Host parents can often become greatly involved in school life, school events and fundraising and are much more that guardians for the students.

Within school life the exchange students enjoy being part of the school community, thereby permitting them to enjoy the cultural and educational experience they desire, whilst in effect, they too, are bringing a varying culture and ethos to the school itself and providing a different dimension to their fellow UK students. Students are generally placed in small numbers in schools and colleges, (no more than 4), which assists them to integrate quicker than if they were in a large group.  Once initial nerves and shyness are overcome these students are a real asset to any school or college. They often choose to study subjects they would have studied at home, but taught in English and proceed to obtain credits in modules to the highest standard. Hats off to them - this is no easy option!

Every year we see exchange students embraced by both staff and students alike.This  results in strengthening the philosophy within our UK home students, that they too need to prove they are capable, driven, and competitive in order to be successful.In addition it highlights the respect that is given to the UK educational system, that so many students wish to study in our schools.

Please email if you would like to accept our exchange students in school or require more information.

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