Be a Host Family

Be a host family for a year and win a friendship for life


When you are a host family to a long term student from abroad, you and your family will discover a new world of discovery and adventure. By sharing your home as a host family for a school year (or perhaps one or two terms), you will be providing a young person from abroad  with the opportunity of a lifetime as they get to know the customs and culture of the UK.

In return, your exchange student will bring  a sense of Europe, or the Americas, or even the Orient into your home. Over the years, into has placed several thousand students in host families throughout the world, and now into Education invites you and your family to join the international exchange community.

Welcome a Lifelong Friend

Welcoming an exchange student in your home is a bit like having an adopted son or daughter from another country. In the host family, into students do their share of the family chores and are eager to participate in your family's leisure activities. Your into student should not expect the red-carpet treatment in your home, as the aim is to learn about the British by living here as a "native" and not as a permanent guest. During their stay with you, your student experiences new surroundings and the daily life of your family and community.  You will also see things that you often considered commonplace, through new eyes. You and your family have the chance to experience a cultural education about everyday life in your student's home country and, many of our host families are inspired to later visit their foreign son or daughter in his or her home country.

Into is with you all the way


An Area Coordinator will meet with you carry out the initial screening process.  You will then receive a Host Family handbook which will answer most of the questions you may have and you can familiarize yourself with into’s program rules. Your exchange student may be in contact with you even before he/she arrives in the UK. A few weeks before school starts, into will notify you of your student’s arrival information, which is usually after a short Orientation Camp in London. You will greet him/her at a meeting point in your town to begin your hosting experience and into is with you all the way. Your Area Coordinator will contact you and your student monthly to provide support and advice during the exchange programme.

Student Selection

Before a student is considered for the into program, he or she must exhibit certain abilities and qualities, based on academic achievement, flexibility, maturity, good character and the ability to get along with others. The selection process by our agents or sponsors consists of interviews, an English test, student letter, teacher recommendations and school reports along with a pre-departure preparation seminar in the students’ home countries.You can be sure that the student you will be hosting has a strong command of the English language, as well as being considered a good young citizen. into students are well conversant in English before their arrival, having studied it for a minimum of three years.

We aim to keep the family involved in the process when placing a student.  You will be presented with a  profile of your student complete with pictures, hobbies, interests and letter from the student. You will then be able to get to know the student by reading their profile beofre you even meet. We find this approach ensures the student feels embraced from day one and starts the bonding process between student and host family before they arrive.  In addition, we encourage students to contact their host families, so you'll have an opportunity to correspond with each other to get a head start on your friendship.

Recruitment and selection of into host families takes place all year round, although we have two annual intakes of students when we are looking for families to start hosting from; August and January. Once your student arrives, your into Coordinator will be available during the student’s stay to answer questions and discuss any concerns you may have. In the event of a real emergency, you may contact one of into's emergency numbers 24 hours a day.  These numbers can be found in the Host Family handbook.

How do I qualify to be a Host Family?

Although you may have children, it is not a requirement that into host families must have children living at home. Each host family is different, and our host families cover the spectrum of host family couples without children, single-parent host families and senior citizen host families. into does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnic background, or creed.  To become a host family and be part of this unique experience, please contact into or apply online. You will also be asked for character references from such persons as employers, members of the clergy, and prominent members of your community or social, civic or collegial organizations.  In compliance of the law, we also carry out police background checks in the form of DBS checks (formerly known as CRB). For students younger than 16 years old, it is required we notify the local social services under private fostering.

How to Begin a Lifelong Friendship

To begin your exciting cultural adventure and make a foreign friend for life, or even just to find out more about exchange opportunities, possibly for your own high school age child, simply, apply online to be a host family or if you would like to apply as a exchange student you will need to fill in these forms : form1 / form2 / form3. You and your family will discover that being a host family for a school year, semester or even a term; will bring rewards lasting a lifetime.

A Priceless Investment

If you are concerned about the cost of hosting an into exchange student, rest assured your financial obligation is covered by into through a monthly payment. You merely provide breakfast and evening dinner during school days and full board at weekends and public holidays, and a room with wardrobe, proper bed, bedside table, adequate lighting and quiet environment to do homework. Your student will require a room for his/herself. If you can take two students they will each require their own room. In the case of double placements, we place students of different languages in the same home. into students pay for their own airfare and provide their own medical and liability insurance unless they are EU students who are automatically covered by the National Health Service. In addition the students have their own pocket money for spending money, travel, bus fares etc.

Your most important contribution is a willingness to welcome a young person to the UK and your home while making him or her feel like a real member of your family.

Don’t dream it! Do it! And be part of the into host family community.









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