History of into student exchanges

into was formed to teach English to foreign students in 1976 in Great Britain under the name of Douglas Language Schools, which was known as DLS. Our organization originally brought teenage students to the South of England on short term holiday English language courses until 1986 when we changed to long term English teaching through Total Immersion.

As other offices opened independently, we received their students on our English Total Immersion  programmes.  This concept of teaching English to young people from abroad being completely immersed in the English way of life and culture exposed them to far more English learning than the conventional language schools are able to do.

The teenage students are enrolled in normal English secondary schools who provide academic teaching in the English language and create in intesive exposure to the English language in a continuous learning by using and increasing vocabulary through the variation of subjects they follow. They then aim to take exams such as GCSE, AS and A levels.

This concept grew and expanded as more organisations abroard recruited and sent students to us. Now we have students from all over the world and are happy to see this unique concept of English Total Immersion teaching gained more acceptance over the conventional language schools system.

To take part, students need accommodation. This has to be near schools throughout England near the schools The ideal accommodation is in host families.

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