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into Exchange Programme Overview

into students come to the UK from many parts of the world. Our agents abroad organise the transport from their country and organise the transfers to the Host Families. (Some students may travel with parents to the UK).

Once in their Host Families, the students are taken to the Grammar, College, or Comprehensive schools where they have been enrolled according to their age and ability. The students have breakfast and evening meals with their host families on school days and full board on holidays and weekends.

During the stay, the students are offered optional excursions. At the end of the school year the students take their exams. They then depart  individually to the airport. They already have return tickets supplied by their sponsors or agents abroad. Most usually depart on the Saturday following their last exam. Those students who are half year and do not take exams usually organise their return on the last saturday in May.

This is a great way to make international friends and many of our host families are visited again and again by their  ''overseas children".

Many English and Scottish host families go on to  vist their exchange children in their own countries.

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