into Eire A-Z

into Ireland Programme Overview

Ireland is popular and students come from many parts of the world to the Emerald Isle.

The students' travels are organised by their sponsors or agents abroad and in some cases student may arrive with their parents.

The students attend secondary education at local schools where they are immersed in the Irish school culture and experience the Irish education system as well as perfecting their spoken English.

Our student guests have breakfast and evening meals with their host families on school days and full board on holidays and weekends.

At the end of the school year the students take their exams and depart on the saturday following their last exam. The students depart independently depending on the last day of their exams or the school itself.

This is a great way to make international friends and many of our host families are visited again by their ''overseas children'' and the Irish families often make the trip to visit the exchange students in their own countries.

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