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Welcome to into, an organisation for English teaching Total  Immersion through education Programmes

into has over 35 years experience in the organisation of English teaching to High School level programmes.

We have agents throughout Europe including Belgium, Holland, Denmark,  Spain, Switzerland and Austria to name a few.  We also have partner organisations across the globe in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.  Students from these countries visit us to learn and perfect Engish by attending secondary schools for up to a year.

Our programme to teach English to foreigh teenage students is unique. Our concept of English Total Immersion Programme is to place our students in local secondary schools through our Area Coordinators. The students are accommodated in host familes near the schools and  and are immersed in the daily school life to learn English through intensive contact with English students their own age. This is reinforced by the number of courses they follow that increase vocaulary and fluency. As they are teenagers, and minors, they are obliged to attend school by law. Our role is to supervise them and resolve any problems that may arise. Our head office organises and coordinatates this network of Area Coordinators and schools that provide the ecducation aspect.

Should you be  interested in cooperating with us, as a host family, Area Coordinator, or school, then please contact us.


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